For who?

For students

For how long can I stay?

The contracts we offer are campus contracts, this means you can stay as long as you study.

Is joint tenancy allowed (can I live with a friend or my partner)?

Yes. Joint tenancy is allowed. With a friend or your partner, it’s up to you.

Can I live next to or close to a friend or colleague, or just recommend him or her (but not get to close)?

Yes. If you would like to recommend a friend or a colleague to come live next door to you, on the same floor or somewhere else in the building, we will do our best to meet your request.

Fully furnished and carpeted?

All apartments are fully furnished and carpeted and include:

  • A queen sized bed (for 2 persons)
  • Lockable storage under the bed
  • A cupboard
  • A table
  • Two chairs
  • A lounge chair
  • A lamp
  • A lamp in the ceiling

What can I expect from the 5 common areas?

In each of them there will be plenty of lounge chairs and a television. Apart from these similarity’s, they will differ from room to room. What you can expect is:

  • Lounge area
  • Television with access to almost all imaginable channels
  • Football table

What other facilities can I enjoy?

  • The best possible internet connection
  • There will be a common room with plenty cleaning and drying machines.
  • Everybody will have a lockable bicycle storage with a roof
  • All common areas will be cleaned once a week
  • The roof will be finished soon. Fantastic views are guaranteed!
  • A television subscription.
  • One wash will cost about € 4,-

Do the apartments also have bedclothing and or kitchen necessity’s?

We can provide you a set of bedclothing and towels for € 75,- and kitchen necessity’s for € 150,-;

First come, first served?

Yes. We work on a first come, first served basis. You can sign up and plan a viewing of a model apartment. Then we will try to sign the lease as soon as possible and give you the key to your apartment.

Do I qualify for housing allowance?

If you are aged 23 or older you may be entitled to housing benefit. You can check this on The housing benefit may vary from €10 to €270 per month.

You are required to submit the following amounts in your application for housing benefit:

Basic rent € …….. (see agreement)
Cleaning of common areas € 12
Mains services in common areas € 12
Costs of concierge € 12
Costs of service area and recreation room € 0
Other service charges: not to be filled in

What keys do I get/ how is the accessibility?

You’ll get a card that will give you access to your own apartment, the entrance and the bicycle storage. For your post box you’ll get a key.

Are there parking spaces?

Yes. They will cost € 200,- per month.

Can I see all the details of the tenancy agreement?

You can download a copy of the contract here

How do I pay?

At signing the tenancy agreement you will pay the deposit (equal to two times the monthly rent) and the rent for (the remaining of) the first month with your bank/ debet card. We have a mobile device for payments (Pin). For the remaining months we will collect the rent from your bank account at the end of each month.

We will try to return your deposit within a week if you leave your apartment properly. You pay no one off costs.

Where can I order a filter for my extractor?

Type filter: BOSCH DHZ2702 Recirculatiefilter

You can order a filter at Media Markt

How does the fire alarm work?

Download the instructions.

Change the battery at least once a year. Clean the fire alarm twice a year.