Housing allowance possible

For most apartments (except for type F with 2 bedrooms) housing allowance is possible for tenants of 23 years and older. Students under 23 years of age don’t quality, because the basic rent is too high. You can update your preferences at your online profile

Service costs and apply for housing allowance

The following is all included in the advance payment for the service costs: internet, furniture and soft furnishing, utility costs and heating of your own apartment and the common areas, cleaning of the common areas and waste removal service. Check the furher specification here of the service costs. Only a small part of the advance that you pay for the service costs is included in the “calculation rent”. The tax authorities (Belastingdienst) base the rent allowance on this calculated rent. For more information about housing allowance check the FAQ section .

Municipal taxes

Municipal taxes are not included in the service costs. The water taxes need to be paid by you directly to water authority, but the waste taxes are exempted by the Municipality, since the waste is not collected by the Municipality Den Haag at the Torenstraat.

The prices

The monthly costs consist of the basic rent and the advance payment for service costs. In case you are eligible, you need to apply for housing allowance yourself at the tax authority (Belastingdienst). The one off costs you pay before moving consist of €50 administration costs and €1250 deposit. After you have moved out again, we will transfer the full deposit back to you, if you have left the apartment in decent order. The guarantor who has signed your guarantor form, which you are required to upload at your profile, will only be contacted in case you have a serious debt which you are not able to pay yourself timely.

Check the overview here of the specifications of the all the apartments and apartment-types

In case you want to live in the apartment together with your partner/friend, that’s possible. In that case we can compose a so called ‘allonge’ which we will sign with the co-tenant. With this document he/she can also register at the Municipality The Hague. We charge a one-off administration fee of €50 for this document.